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"Staging? Pfff, I can do it myself"...but CAN you add thousands to the asking price by doing so?

Hiring an interior design professional that knows how to stage a home can mean the difference between 'It just needs furniture' and 'Our home sold for thousands above asking price". Staging is a minimal investment that maximizes the rate of return on the sale of the property.

82% of buyers' agents said staging helped their clients visualize the property as their home, according to the National Association of REALTORS® 2021 Profile of Home Staging.

With an average investment of 1% of the sale price into staging, about 75% of sellers saw an ROI of 5% to 15% over asking price, according to data from the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA).

The International Association of Home Staging Professionals shows that staging helps sell homes 3 to 30 times faster than the nonstaged competition.

Millennial home buyers start their search online, according to NAR's data. Staging a photo-ready property can directly influence a buyer's decision to see the home in person and submit an offer.

Check out our source for additional benefits: National Association of REALTORS®

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